Welcome Back

I haven’t been writing in a while….. ya know life gets in the way because it’s often more fun to live it than write about it!

Anyways! As you can see I’ve upgraded my site, included some new info, and even a couple new pages.

Oh what’s that you see? Run Coaching?! Yup! I’m working on my certification course right now!

Want to see what I’ve been up to this year? Go browse my Instagram @mommainthemountains as it’s WAY too much to write about.

Quick snipets:

Took the wee man backpacking

Ran in the mountains – a lot


Joined a few teams! (UltrAspire and rabbit)

Started writing a cookbook

And launched a new section of my business!

More to come! Stay Happy and Healthy my friends!

Ya know we all need a laugh, right?

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